The Changi Airport Experience

Changi Airport is the World's Best Airport and Here's Why

Landing at Singapore’s Changi Airport was like landing in the future. We’d arrived at the world’s best airport after a 26 hour journey from Sao Paulo. Brazil’s megalopolis which is home to a staggering 20,000,000 people and the third largest city in the world.

Greeting us was a robot cleaner. His smiley face looking on as lights flashed under his wheels when he stopped to make way for passengers exiting the terminal.

After our stay in Singapore, we were travelling on to Borneo, so a few days later we returned to Changi Airport. This time we had a better chance to experience why it’s so famous.

Why Changi Airport is the best in the world

Changi Airport really does live up to the accolades. Ridiculously clean, calming, modern and with no end of things to keep you occupied. It made me feel embarrassed by the standard of the hectic and overpriced airports we have back home in England

The Jewel at Changi Airport

The first thing we wanted to see was ‘Jewel’. An area open to the public between terminals two and three, which also houses the world’s largest indoor waterfall. At a balmy 60 metres, it really is a truly beautiful site. Seemingly coming from the sky, it cascades down in to the centre of the floor below. Surrounded by gorgeous green plants, all of which took two years to acclimatise, before installation in the Jewel

Skytrain and Jewel Waterfall at Changi Airport
The futuristic Skytrain pases Jewel

Taking time to walk around, we explored the Shiseido Forest Valley. A walkway which allows travellers to walk up and down four levels of and view the waterfall from every angle

Surrounding Jewel are a colossal number of shops restaurants, a cinema and baggage storage (for $5 – $20 SGD, depending on the size of the bag). You can even check your bags in early if travelling with any of these airlines

Metal tree sculpture
Art installations in Terminal 4

Perhaps the most exciting are the numerous activities on offer. For $8 SGD, it’s possible to take a canopy walk to the top of the Jewel. You can even bounce your way around on skynets for $22 SGD. See here for a list of all the activities on offer.

Opting to explore further we attempted to visit Terminal three’s Butterfly Garden. However it’s only for passengers departing from that terminal, so sadly for us was off limits. (It’s something worth remembering if you want to see something in particular at Changi Airport; not everything can be viewed).

Relaxing novelty chair at Changi Airport
Taking it easy

Heading to Terminal Four, we weren’t disappointed. The check in process with (Air Asia) was seamless. We didn’t even have to see anyone, with self serve baggage tags, check in and even clearing Singapore customs. The technology is seamless here.

Huge tea store
TWG Tea will have you spoiled for choice

Terminal Four is the newest at Changi Airport and we saw the Peranakan shop houses at the Heritage Zone. A display which recreates 100 years of Malaysian architecture. The two shops in the middle also light up with video displays at regular intervals. It tells a 1930’s love story of a two people living next door to each other. It’s worthwhile sitting down to watch.

Peranakan Shop Houses
Peranakan Shop Houses in the Heritage Zone

In addition to to the World Food Court (which actually had cheap and delicious food; unlike any other airport I’ve been to), we spent time relaxing in Terminal Four’s ‘Snooze Zone’. Obscenely comfy chairs can be used free of charge. We took full advantage, whilst sitting down to watch the Petalclouds.

The Petalclouds

A brand new kinetic art installation, Petalclouds metal clouds move gracefully through the air to peaceful music. It’s so relaxing, Rose was asleep in no time. I set an alarm to make sure we didn’t miss the flight.

Relaxing chair
Starting to relax…
Asleep at the airport
…and then asleep in five minutes

Next stop: Borneo!

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