Our Adventure Across the Globe

Hi we’re Chris and Rose. We could have stayed home and settled for convenience, but instead decided to do something out of the ordinary. We left our comfort zone and set off to see the world. Taking a relaxing beach holiday wasn’t going to cut it.

We like to make the most of travel by getting off the beaten track, immersing ourselves in local culture and experiencing things we never thought possible. Our trips are more likely to involve hiking in the Sumatran jungle to look for Orangutans, trekking to Everest Base Camp in winter, rescuing street dogs or breaking down in a blood stained car in the middle of Mexico…all of which have happened!

Sweden Beaver Kayak Sunset
On a kayak in Sweden, searching for beavers in the midnight sun

After visiting over 30 countries, we felt it was time to give something back to new and seasoned travellers, so decided to share our experiences. Instead of filling a travel blog with pictures of us looking dreamily into the sunset, we wanted to do something useful that would help other travellers. The purpose of this travel blog is to offer expert travel advice, inspire people with beautiful photography and tell stories that document our experiences of all the wonderful things the world has to offer.

Bali Monkey Forest Indonesia
Making friends at the Bali Monkey Forest, Indonesia

Whether you’re planning a long term trip, or simply looking to add a couple of stops to your annual holiday, we’d love for you to explore the blog, take something useful, leave a comment or get in touch. We hope to help you along the way.

Iceland bridge between continents - Reykjanes Peninsula - Bru Milli Heilmsalfa
Crossing the bridge between continents in Iceland, where you can step across the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates!

About Chris & Rose

Chris Reed

Enjoying the freedom of an open road with excitement and new experiences at every corner, I was inspired to travel from a young age and fortunate enough to take some road trips in America as a child. Moving forward a few years, a summer away from university led to a month long inter-railing adventure around central and eastern Europe. That’s when the big travel plans started. Since that time I’ve been North, South, East and West; across Asia, Central America, South America, Scandinavia and Australasia.

Vietnam Halong Bay Boat Trip and Sky
Cruising on a junk boat in Halong Bay, Vietnam

Prior to travel, my background was in data management and as a musician; having been a professional touring drummer for a number of years (that’s another story).

I write all of the content on the Could Have Stayed Home travel blog and take most of the photos. Unless they’re of animals. That’s where Rose comes in…

Rose Kasili

In addition to travel, Rose’s passions are animals and nature photography. Combing these two areas whilst travelling across the world has been a fruitful and emotional experience.

Rose always has a bag of animal food with her and spends much of her time feeding and caring for the world’s street dogs. To ensure their survival, Rose has snuck street dogs in to hotels, volunteered at dog shelters and used her photography skills to take pictures of animals, which helps them get adopted.

Playing with street dogs
Feeding Indian street dogs


Our travels always lead us to nature and Rose is currently on a mission to photograph as many animal species in the world as she possibly can. Check out Rose’s wildlife photography Instagram page here.

Photography at a Thai dog rescue
Photography at a Thai dog rescue

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